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Professional Negligence

Sadly when relying on a professional service clients sometimes do not receive the expertise and skill they have paid for and as a result can be let down by the person they have relied on. If you think this has happened to you our lawyers may be able to assist. Perhaps you have received compensation for a personal injury claim where you believe your claim wasn't handled well by the solicitor dealing with your case and you didn't receive the amount of compensation you thought you would be entitled to?  May be you feel let down by other  types of professionals whose advice and service you relied upon did not achieve a satisfactory result.

If you think this has happened to you we would like to try to help. If you would like to discuss a potential negligence claim we can arrange for a free no obligation initial consultation to consider whether you may have cause for complaint and therefore be entitled to compensation.  We are also happy to talk to people over the phone about a claim they think they may have. If your case is accepted we can offer  various funding arrangements to pursue your complaint and depending on the type of negligence which may have occurred, we may be able to offer to help on a no win no fee basis.

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